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About us

 Vera Consulting is a business partner that is helping to succesfully start or expand your business in Russia. We also support the Russian companies, wishing to enter the Belgian market.


Vera Consulting was founded in 2014 by Maria and Anna from St.Petersburg, Russia. After they both moved to Belgium, they have decided to bundle their knowledge, experiences and business network in order to provide support to companies who want to develop their services on the Russian market.


Vera means in Russian “faith, trust”.

Our mission 

To create, develop and ensure healthy and strong business relations between Belgium and Russia.

Our clients

We focus on companies and organizations from various sectors, who are planning to enter the Russian market or who are already present in Russia.


Fun facts about Russia!


The Team

Maria Danko

Maria Danko

Maria has studied at the University of the Ministry of Internal Attairs of the Russian Federation in St.Petersburg and later at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands. Maria was the Director of EDPNET OOO, the Russian office of the Belgian company EDPNET NV. She succesfully accomplished the local startup and further expansion of the office in St.Petersburg.


The Russian market and it’s specific laws are significantly different to the ones in Europe. We have knowledge and the ability to act upon. We can support your company with all practical aspects of the business set-up: office space, recruitement, legal or juridical aspects, and so on.

We can advise and assist you in matters of how to reduce costs by undertaking in Russia. Your internal departments such as Software Engineering, Call Center, Customer Service Center, … can be housed in an office in Russia, partially or if disired completely. You will then be able to call on qualified and very effective local employees.



Together with our local partners, we analyze the activities of your competitors and potential customers, the general development of the sector and the opportunities in this sector. We also examine who the appropriate local distributors and partners are and what they can do for you.


Our Russian Interim Manager informs and advices our client as an in-house consultant. Her knowledge and experience enables her to objectively analyze the situation, create an action plan or manage projects. She can also concentrate on dedicated tasks or fullfil a specific function within your organization.

Doing business in Russia has often been less predictable than in Belgium. Appropriate advice is essential to avoid common pit falls.

We can help you to create a detailed business plan. if you already have a business plan available, we can re-examine it with you and optimize if desired.


Vera Consulting can assist you in choosing the most suitable form of company and assist you with the registration of a company in Russia. We can advice you on various legal issues and assist you in preparing, obtaining and submitting the legal documents that are necessary for the registration.


Based on the desired search criteria we select qualified and experienced candidates and provide you with a comprehensive objective assessment of the competence, theoretical knowledge, practical skills and personal characteristics of each candidate.


We can inform and advice you on various immigration issues in Russia. We can also help you with visa applications and work permits. 

Discover and enjoy Russia! Together with our local contacts, we ensure that your stay will be perfectly arranged.



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